Venture School Launch Day at EntreFEST

May 14, 2019 |

Event Details

What: The University of Iowa’s John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) will be holding their Venture School Launch Day event in conjunction with EntreFEST. Venture School Launch Day will highlight 8 standout Venture School alumni from the 2018/2019 year where they will pitch their business to a panel of judges for a chance to win over $20,000 in cash prizes.

Who: Open to public – Local area business leaders, media, student entrepreneurs who have purchased an
EntreFEST ticket.

When: 5-7:30 PM Thursday, May 16, 2019

Where: CSPS – Theatre
1103 3rd St. Se
Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

(** IF NEEDED ) Free parking available at in Lot 44, located in the NewBo District, as part of your EntreFEST
ticket. Visit for more information.

The Companies

VerdiLife – Iowa City Mahdi Eghbali, William Braverman, Kaveh Mostafavi VerdiLife strives to make the Earth a healthier planet by replacing harmful agrochemicals with an allnatural solution. Their business focuses on recycling wood-waste into 100% organic fertilizers and pesticides in the form of wood vinegar and biochar.

Argrow’s House Bath and Body – Quad Cities Dr. Kit Ford Argrow’s House is a social enterprise where women survivors of violence create beautiful bath and body products that are natural, healthy, and smell wonderful.

Continuum Ag – Mason City Mitchell Hora Continuum Ag is the intel processor of agricultural data and the fully transparent link between the consumer and the soil. Their business works with farmers, ag companies, and food organizations, around the world, to quantify and improve soil health.

Grateful Graze – Quad Cities Alyssa Bradley, Yasmin Moreles, Chrissy Elliott Grateful Graze stands out from the typical farm of corn and soybeans by raising grass fed and finished beef in their crop rotation along with lamb and pastured chicken. Their mission is connecting farmers to families with food they can trust – raised in a way that is best for the animal, the environment and people.

Boundry – Dubuque Eric Peters Boundry helps dog owners keep their pets safe with a simple, humane, and portable dog fence solution built on positive reinforcement, superior training, and GPS perimeter technology.

BluJaket – Quad Cities Michael Lawrence BluJaket makes mobile marketing easy and affordable for small businesses and restaurants by connecting them with consumers in the right place, at the right time, for a mutually beneficial engagement.

Horse Auction Block – Dubuque Tyrel Nelson Horse Auction Block is providing an online auction styled market place for horses. Their business assists in both the buying and selling process to ensure that both parties are honest and receive the horse that they paid for.

Immersive Development Reality (IDR) – Iowa City Jens Zalzala, Megan Zalzala, Joshua Jackson Immersive Development Reality (IDR) teaches students the concepts of coding while in a virtual reality environment. As middle schools struggle with participation in computer science, IDR presents a fun way to garner student interest and create continuous engagement, while teaching valuable skills.

About the University of Iowa John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center & Venture School

Established in 1996, The University of Iowa’s John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center (Iowa JPEC) is
committed to teaching and supporting innovation and entrepreneurial development. Iowa JPEC is proud
to play an important role in the development of Iowa-based technology and high-growth startup
companies. Serving University of Iowa students, Iowa startups and businesses, and k-12 innovative
youth, Iowa JPEC’s programs support entrepreneurs of all ages and experience levels.
Established in 2013, Venture School is an extension of Iowa JPEC. The statewide Venture School program
helps entrepreneurs by accelerating the startup process and increasing their odds of success. Venture