Erin Pottebaum

Erin Pottebaum is a self-described change agent, do-er, and connector. Motivated by positivity and her passion for serving the community, she takes pride in using the creative process to solve problems, overcome challenges, and assist others.

As the Director of Operations for ICAD, Erin along with her team, maintains an inclusive and engaging space at MERGE Iowa City and Cowork @ 808. Through program and logistical support, she supports entrepreneurs, ICAD investors, and clients — always with a positive outlook and smile on her face. Not afraid to “roll up her sleeves,” she is known to lead by example. Erin leads with a strong emphasis on growth, goal creation, plans of action, and — most importantly — how to get started.

An Iowa City native, Erin lived her post-college career in great cities like Austin and Dallas, TX, Nashville, TN, and Overland Park, KS. Throughout her time away, she realized that there is no place like home. In 2014, her deep roots brought her back to Iowa City with her husband, two kids, and their two dogs.