How to Incorporate More Family Time Into Your Workouts

July 29, 2020 |

If you’re a parent, the many responsibilities you have can often leave little time for your own fitness and activity. However, combining family time with physical activity can be beneficial for both parents and children. Children can learn that being active is fun and good for them, while the parents have an opportunity to spend time with their family and maintain a healthier lifestyle!

To start: Make a plan that includes activities everyone enjoys and ensure everybody in the family can (and wants to!) participate. Find a time to plan 3 or 4 family activities every week.

Choosing activities with your family:

  • Fitness with your family can be things as simple as taking a hike, going for a swim or taking a bike ride.
  • More outdoor activities can be things such as basketball, hide-and-seek, tag, scavenger hunts, geocaching or miniature golf
  • Indoor activities can be things such as going to the mall, having a family dance contest, jumping-jack competitions or playing hide-and-seek around the house.
  • Special activities that still get you moving could be going to the zoo, an amusement park or camping!
  • Use your imagination

If doing physical activity with your family doesn’t always work into your schedule, there are still tricks to work on your fitness! When children are asleep, go for a walk, do chores that require moderate activity, try a workout video or improvise any way to get your heart rate up! Other ideas are to share babysitting duties with your spouse or a relative so that you have time for yourself. Finally, change up your commuting routine, park further away, bike to work or walk!