JPEC Recruiting Small Business & Entrepreneurial Clients

August 11, 2017 |

The John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center at The University of Iowa is recruiting small business and entrepreneurial clients as partners for their undergraduate student consulting classes for the fall semester.

This outreach provides small businesses with additional resources for projects and gives our undergraduate entrepreneurial majors the opportunity to work in the field with Iowa companies.  The program pairs teams of third and fourth year entrepreneurial students with businesses needing consulting project work. The team will put in between 150-200 hours on research, data collection and analysis, and generate recommendations addressing the deliv

erables agreed upon with the client at the start of the project ( usually focused on marketing, branding, customer discovery, social media integration issues, customer and client services ).

There is a project fee of $500, approximately ¼ what a single intern would cost for a semester. If interested, the program description, video and client application is available at:  

You may also contact Phil Jordan at