Community Development Initiatives

The Iowa City Community and surrounding areas are always expanding and constantly thinking of new ways we can make our area better for our residents and visitors. With that being said, we have already tackled many projects in 2019 and a vast majority of projects are already planned for the future.

Food Hub

ICAD is a supporter and proudly sits on the advisory council of Field to Family. We think a local foods label is detrimental to our society in regards to driving visibility and awareness of local goods and services to consumers, producers, and providers. In 2019 Field to Family launched a Food Hub which distributes freshly harvested food from local farmers to wholesale partners in the Iowa City, Cedar Rapids region.

Bike Friendly Businesses

The biking community in Iowa City has recently boomed and ICAD is one of many businesses who are helping contribute to the local biking movement and developments of a better biking community. Looking to become a bike friendly business? Apply today and take the steps towards enhancing the quality of our community!

Other Awesome Happenings in our Area!

One of Johnson County’s most recent projects and and the biggest in the county is the Coralville arena. This 5,000 seat facility will host Iowa Volleyball games, major concerts, or potentially a US hockey league team (humble brag). A hotel, museum space, storefronts for restaurants and retail, office space and more will all be part of the development.

Iowa City’s most recent opening and crowd favorite is the Chauncey Tower. Chauncey will be home to Film Scene Movie Theater, a hotel, bowling alley, coffee shop, restaurant, condominiums, and commercial and office space.