Food Hub

ICAD has worked closely with Field to Family, Johnson County, and local organizations to discuss how to bolster the local foods economy. Together, we received funding for sponsored research by the University of Iowa MBA to do research into food hubs and an environmental scan which was then presented to partners and to Field to Family. Johnson County has now funded a full time role to lead the Food Hub efforts. ICAD sits on the advisory council of this and is helping with efforts to develop and support a local foods label which we hope will help drive visibility and awareness of local goods and services to consumers, producers, and providers.

About the Food Hub

In 2019, Field to Family launched a Food Hub that distributes freshly harvested food from local farmers to wholesale partners in the Iowa City — Cedar Rapids region. Farmers in our community grow food, the Field to Family delivers, and local chefs in the kitchen buy and prepare freshly harvested produce for people everyday.